Dark Horse Preview: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #1

Make sure to order a copy at your Local shop today (nov. 3) because it is the last day you can!


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Dark Horse Previews: Resurrectionists #1

Check out this preview for a new Dark Horse series. From Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig.

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Dark Horse Preview: Ghost Fleet!

Be sure to stay tuned to our podcast feed for an interview with Ghost Fleet artist Daniel Warren Johnson.


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Vol. 3 Issue 1

Vol. 3 Kicked off with…a discussion on the logistics of Ninja Turtle sex… So not much has changed. The recorded live broadcast has been published to our itunes/feedburner/stitcher feeds. There is about a half hour of bonus content that will go up shortly as well as the extended interview with Daniel Warren Johnson. SO MUCH CONTENT!

This episode marks the first time that Justin actually wrote out his reviews. I’ll publish those poorly punctuated reviews at the end of this post.

Topics this episode include the cancellation of Fantastic Four, Squirrel Girl’s ongoing series, God Hates Astronauts, Thor, the need for Marvel to have a great detective and a discussion with Ghost Fleet artist Daniel Warren Johnson. Check out Daniel’s web-comic Space Mullet at www.space-mullet.com 

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Justin Reviewed Thor #1, God Hates Astronauts #2 and Action Comics #35 so check out those reviews:

Thor #1
Jason Aaron
Russell dauterman
We open on a Roxxon sea lab that has found some unfriendly frost giants. Earth is in trouble and THOR is the man for the job! Except our hero has spent weeks trying to lift his hammer to no avail. A cast of asgardians has assembled to watch the struggling god of thunder this cast includes Odin, the all-father. Thor’s despair is well done here but the exchanges between Odin and Freyja are repetitive in their aim to show Odin as a chauvinistic pig. This leads to everyone admitting that they are also unable to pick up the hammer. When news of the Frost Giant attack reaches the moon Odin says that is it no matter of asgard and they should return home. Freyja immediately contradicts that order and calls everyone to war. Thor finally breaks his pitty party and decides to go get his axe and head for earth. Thor comes riding in on his goat which is either Toothgnasher or Toothgrinder. Upon arrival the sealab it is revealed taht malekith the accursed has been behind this attack and he is looking for something the roxxon crew dug up. this object naturally has immense power. The weakened, hammerless thor is no match for malekith and promptly gets his arm cut off. Meanwhile on the moon Freyja decides to give the Hammer a try and promptly becomes the new GOD OF THUNDER. This betrays the notion that Angela was going to become the new thor and it will no doubt result in Thor getting upset when the other avengers talk about how hot his warrior mom is.
God hates astronauts #2
Ryan Browne
Looking for a batshit crazy story? Love decapitation? Aroused by clever onamonapia?  Then God Hates Astronauts is for you! This book doesn’t have time for silly things like logic and realism. The story is like riding around in the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile. Sure, you are going somewhere but it doesn’t matter because you are in the flashiest, goofiest most unsafe vehicle on the road and everyone is jealous. We may all be killed by king tiger eating a cheeseburger when it is all said and done, but who gives  a fuck? Let’s just enjoy the ride.
Action Comics #35
Greg Pak
Scott kolins and vincente cifuentes
Superman has been gone for months after his turn as “superdoom” and subsequent battle with braniac. As far as he knows, billions died. Upon returning to earth he finds out that only thousands had died. Naturally, this is still too many and weighs heavily on his concience. This issue is a roller coaster ride. There are aspects of Superman that I really enjoy, one of which is the idea that Luther thinks that superman’s existence makes humanity weak. In this issue Clark pulls out the cliche where he writes and article about why the world doesn’t even need superman. The world recovered just fine without him. Upon publishing the article even Luthor says “i’m beginning to like this kent guy”. This notion is really intriguing to me and it is heightened by a REALLY heartfelt response article from Lois. She presents us with the idea that Superman is the one who needs humanity and that the way we embrace him is powerful in its own right. All of this really worked for me and then the final scene… Lana is standing talking to her parents graves. They died in the braniac attack. She agrees with Clark and she thinks that he and superman are just too much for Earth. Naturally this moment is followed up by FUCKING ZOMBIES CRAWLING OUT OF THE GROUND. The issue ends on this bullshit. DC cannot help themselves. They manage to gain some goodwill and then flush it down the drain. It is like watching sideshow bob repeatedly step on the rakes. You have to just helplessly stand by and watch it happen. I can only hope that Greg Pak has a compelling plan for super zombies.
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Listen LIVE tonight (10/8) 8pm central

Tonight (and every wednesday at 8pm) we will be broadcasting LIVE on http://www.RadioFUBAR.com or download the app . The website has a chat function if you want to correct us as we make mistakes.


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Vol. 2 Issue 116: Epilogue

We’ve been building Vol. 2 for over two years. Vol. 3 starts next week and has one MAJOR difference. In This Issue will be available LIVE on Wednesdays at 8pm central on http://www.radiofubar.com The fine folks at RadioFUBAR are providing us a platform to simulcast our madness as well as an open chat room with our listeners. To hear a very abbreviated episode as well as our hopes and dreams for the new volume that we will be building check out http://www.uptoyouproductions.com

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Predator Fire and Stone preview

Here is a preview of Predator Fire and Stone #1, compliments of Dark Horse.
Let us know what you think at inthisissuepodcast@gmail.com or twitter.com/inthisissuepod IMG_0741.JPG

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