DOUBLE UPDATE! Vol. 3 Issue 8 and Back Issues: Webcomics

cropped-back-issues-logo.jpgYou listeners have SOOOOOO much to be thankful for. In This Issue has been busy this week. First, Vol. 3 Issue 8 streamed LIVE on at 8pm central and his since been posted to our iTunes feed this episode featured Brad and Justin discussing the Jurassic World trailer, Cyclops #7, Superman #36 and a listener submitted question for the Punisher. If you have a question that you would like to ask your favorite character send it to or tweet it to @inthisissuepod and we will get your answers.

On top of all that goodness we JUST posted a Back Issues featuring various Webcomics. Justin and Tyrell discuss/overanalyze Death of a Crow by Liam Cobb, Incinerator by Michael Deforge, Sentinel by Mike Walton, The Man that Dances in the Meadow by Sam Alden and a brief discussion of the popular series Ménage à 3 by Pixie Trix Comix

Thank you to everyone who listens to our madness on a weekly basis. We continue to gain subscribers week after week, and it amazes me. Let us know what you are reading, what you want us to be reading and tell us what the hell we can do better.

ALSO: Please take a few minutes to check out Back Issues Co-Host Tyrell Cannon’s site he just started a pre-order for issue #3 of his current book Victus. Tyrell’s work is incredible even if he is too humble to brag it up. The guys at are generous, pretty fucking cool, and worth throwing your money at.



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In this issue is a podcast that features comics, movies and video games. We update weekly!
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